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80% of all businesses in the US never make over $100,000 a year in annual sales, 95% of businesses never reach the $1 million mark in annual sales. Entrepreneurs receive poor advice and really no mentoring on their journey and as such are forced to pay the tuition of the school of hard knocks which is extremely expensive. 

As a serial entrepreneur whose businesses make $5 million a year annually and as someone who has both succeeded and failed at multiple businesses our founder's mission is to guide and mentor business owners so that they can create their dream business and life. Too many business gurus preach that success in business is tied to just one thing, some say it's sales, others online marketing, social media, some say its finance, others swear by good management principles, but in reality it's a combination of each of these items and putting them all together in a working puzzle we call the growth algorithm. 
When business owners harness the power of the growth algorithm their odds for building a 7 figures business increase dramatically. If you're serious about harnessing the proven power of the growth algorithm then you're in the right place.


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